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Project Description

ADMS for ECC / US Army Corps of Engineers


Immediately following the devastating impact left by Hurricane Sandy on the Northeastern seaboard, Rostan responded by deploying experienced core personnel and assets to the disaster-stricken area. As the exclusive purveyor of the HaulPass® Automated Debris Management System (ADMS), Rostan was requested to track the removal of disaster-generated debris following the unimaginable destruction in New York City’s five boroughs.

Rostan personnel were integral in supporting the transition of the recovery effort from the Department of Sanitation New York City to Environmental Chemical Corporation (ECC) through their Advanced Contracting Initiative agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). At the request of ECC/USACE and with the key addition of more than 40 locally hired staff, Rostan implemented 24-hour operations for an unprecedented 63 consecutive days, and more than 110 days of normal operations. Additionally, Rostan trained more than 200 personnel to operate the HaulPass® System and staffed 13 disposal locations across 3 states. Additional efforts in New York included staffing and tracking the removal of more than 1,400 hazardous stumps throughout the City’s five boroughs.

HaulPass® captured the removal of more than 533,000 cubic yards of Hurricane Sandy-generated debris and an additional 223,000 tons, 8,500 of which was deemed Regulated Asbestos Containing Material-positive. Upon completion of efforts in New York, Rostan and HaulPass® were responsible for capturing and documenting data required for reconciling more than $120,000,000 for ECC/USACE.


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