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Project Description

Public Assistance, Grants Funding, Debris Monitoring and Management


While still recovering from the impacts of the 2015 late-season floods, Charleston County was the unfortunate recipient of Hurricane Matthew’s initial landfall. Rostan was activated by the County to provide debris monitoring management services augmented by HaulPass®, our proprietary Automated Debris Management System (ADMS), for the collection of more than 400,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris by private contractor.  Additionally, Matthew resulted in the removal of more than 18,000 hazardous hanging limbs and trees from major arteries and more densely populated areas which was also managed by utilizing HaulPass®.

Charleston County continues its long-term recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew. The Rostan team is in progress of identifying damages to facilities and critical infrastructure, isolating force account costs and expenditures related to the recovery, and developing project worksheets.


Following the historic flooding event during October 2015 throughout South Carolina, Rostan was activated by the County to assist in management of debris recovery efforts. Rostan was responsible for managing and monitoring the removal of C&D, white goods, and vegetative debris from public Rights-of-Way (ROWs) throughout the County. Optimized by our HaulPass® ADMS, Rostan provided rapid reconciliation of debris contractor invoices for more than 30,000 cubic yards of debris.

In addition, Charleston County was faced with the daunting task of restoring and repairing an extensive network of roads and drainage channels. Rostan was tasked with managing the County’s disaster recovery efforts and coordinating these efforts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division (SCEMD). This included preparation of required documentation for project worksheets for Categories A through D. To support these efforts, Rostan reconciled multiple County departments’ force account expenditures for Public Assistance (PA) emergency work categories. Rostan was also tasked with developing a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program pre-application for a critical County evacuation route.


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