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Project Description

Public Assistance, Debris Monitoring and Management


Following the severe ice storms in February 2014, Rostan was responsible for managing and monitoring the removal of vegetative debris from public Rights-of-Way (ROW) in Jenkins County, Georgia. Monitoring operations also involved debris reduction and the haul out of reduced vegetative debris to final disposition.

Rostan provided an array of debris management services including truck certification, monitoring and documentation of ROW debris removal, debris reduction monitoring and management, debris management site (DMS) oversight, daily operations informational summaries, and DMS and project closeout reporting. In addition, we successfully provided guidance to the County related to obtaining reimbursements from State and Federal agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), relating to the eligible costs arising from the disaster recovery effort. Optimized by our HaulPass® Automated Debris Management System, we provided unprecedented rapid reconciliation of debris contractor invoices.


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