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Project Description

Public Assistance, Debris Monitoring, and Management


Rostan deployed to New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy making landfall on October 29, 2013. We provided an array of post-disaster debris management services throughout the municipality including damage and debris assessments and quantifications, monitoring of Right-of-Way debris and hazardous tree removals, and complete oversight and management of all facets of private property debris removal (PPDR) and structure demolitions. Utilizing our HaulPass® proprietary Automated Debris Monitoring System, Rostan monitored the removal of debris across multiple project phases extending over 18 months. Rostan staffed and managed over 15 debris management sites where the debris was hauled throughout the project.

In a secondary phase, Rostan fully coordinated and oversaw 111 PPDR and demolition assignments on behalf of the Township. We assisted the Township in the collection, verification, and validation of rights-of-entry and hold-harmless agreements related to PPDR operations approved by the FEMA coordinating officer. Additionally, Rostan assisted the Township in recovery of funds allocated by insurance companies in effort to prevent duplication of benefits for FEMA purposes.

Rostan also led Brick Township’s public assistance efforts. To date, FEMA approved and obligated over $15 million in emergency response, debris management and permanent projects and mitigation. The Township leads the State in reimbursements.


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