When disaster strikes…

Rostan is dedicated to solving complex problems and delivering results that help state, local and private-non-profit organizations nationwide prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Disaster Management &  Consultation

Rostan Solutions, LLC is a full-service disaster recovery consulting firm dedicated to providing expert guidance, resolute standards of care, and attentive focus in support of municipal and private sector clients throughout the United States. We specialize in disaster recovery and debris monitoring services and provide programmatic and cost recovery direction to clients in the midst of a disaster. Rostan works intimately with local communities and eligible FEMA applicants to help navigate the complex challenges of a disaster to emerge with greater resilience, strengthened infrastructure and broader economic stability.

With our business practices built around the core elements of the disaster life cycle, Rostan’s team of dedicated professionals have real-time knowledge and insight of federal and state regulations and policies. We will represent your needs and ensure Program compliance.


Rostan can assist you before the storm – so you are prepared ahead of an event that may impact your agency.  Let our experts help you with:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Emergency Operating Planning
  • Pre-Event Contracts Analysis and Review
  • Policy Review
  • Debris Management Planning

Rostan’s team of Mitigation Consultants can help you navigate and position for competitive funding opportunities, as well as with your respective state agencies for 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Opportunities for Residential and Infrastructure Mitigation Projects.  Let our experts help you position for the right funding with:

  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Projects
  • Flood Mitigation Assistance
  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation


Rostan stands ready to assist you in your time of need.  We are accessible around the clock and can deploy our teams within a 24-hour notice. During an event our team can:

  • Provide Emergency Operations Center Support
  • Assist your departments with source documentation and tracking of resources
  • Provide insight and analysis with cost impact decisions

After an event, you need support – Rostan provides direction and structure to your disaster.  Let Rostan allow your team to focus on their day-to-day job responsibilities.  Let us help you recover and comply with all program requirements! We provide:

  • Damage assessment inventory and analysis
  • Debris monitoring services with our proprietary Automated Debris Management System (ADMS)-Haulpass ®
  • FEMA Public Assistance Program Grants Management Services
  • FEMA Individual Assistance Program Services
  • Disaster Case Management
  • Project Management Services
  • Insurance Advisory Services

We understand when disaster strikes, local resources and personnel are quickly exhausted. When you’re looking for someone you can trust to partner with, rest assured that Rostan’s team of dedicated, experienced individuals will work diligently to deliver the solutions you need.

Our team understands how to analyze and apply 2CFR, the Stafford Act, and the FEMA Public Assistance Policy and Procedure Guide (PAPPG) to yield maximum results for our clients to recover eligible costs.

Consulting Services

Our primary role as consultants and advisors is to provide our clients with sound programmatic direction in the midst of chaos. Our team plays an integral role in helping you and your team navigate the complex parameters of the federal regulations and state requirements after a disaster. Over the years, this business line has expanded to include the following service areas to meet our clients needs:

  • Grants Management Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Insurance Advisory Services
  • Mitigation Project and Planning Services
  • Disaster Case Management Services

Debris Monitoring and Management Services

Rostan’s business was formed with an initial focus on debris monitoring services and has grown over the past 15 years to encompass several related service lines including planning and mitigation, long-term recovery, post-disaster construction management, and specialized technical support services.


The HaulPass® system is the most trusted automated debris management system in the industry. HaulPass® entirely eliminates the need for paper load tickets during a debris removal mission to streamline tracking, expedite processes, and provide real-time data and analytics.

Why Rostan

Our mission for representing our clients is centered around three fundamental areas:


Speed of project funding and obligation of projects


Effective process delivery and sound project controls


Local resources with extensive FEMA programmatic knowledge

Rostan has the capability to offer the following:

Extensive FEMA Public Assistance (PA) and Infrastructure Project Experience

We are recovery leaders with decades of PA expertise and eligibility experience with infrastructure projects at both the sub-grantee and grantee levels, including specialized knowledge and capabilities surrounding municipalities. The Rostan team is intimately familiar with the PA Program and eligibility regulations. We are ready to mobilize immediately to provide quality consulting services.

Trusted Advisors

Our team offers clients exceptional FEMA PA technical and legal expertise and proven performance through trusted key personnel. Our team’s unrivaled technical experience will help clients achieve the best outcomes for their recovery effort.

Professional Collaboration with all Stakeholders

By working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, our objective is to avoid delays, maximize eligible funding, and avoid appeals. We leverage our experience across all FEMA Regions to maximize results for our clients and use a precedent case study to our advantage.

Featured In


Rostan selected as one of govCIO Outlook Magazine’s Top Disaster Management Service Companies for 2021


“‘Rostan focuses on disaster recovery consulting and debris monitoring services. Our primary role as a consultant is to provide local communities with programmatic direction in the midst of disaster,’ mentions Kyle Jones, Vice President and Principal of Rostan. With its extensive federal programs experience, the company assists local and state governments, along with eligible nonprofits throughout all phases of the disaster recovery cycle.”

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