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Trusted Since 2006

In times of critical need, when change is constant and needs are many, the ability to adapt is crucial. Rostan Solutions, LLC has been adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of disaster management since its inception in 2006. Our technical experience and up-to-date knowledge of federal disaster regulations and policies keeps us at the forefront as a trustworthy partner in disaster recovery.

Rostan Solutions, LLC’s primary mission is centered around one objective — assisting its clients in recovering from disasters. We can proudly say that, in the past 20 years, Rostan employees have served more than 300 clients in the state, local, and private non-profit sectors resulting in more than $5B in disaster-related funding opportunities. We strive for excellence and thrive in facilitating federally funded programs on behalf of our clients from project inception through closeout.


Our experience is in the numbers…


Years of combined experience



Clients served in 23 US states & territories



Of federal funding to our Clients



Major disaster declarations worked


What Sets Us Apart

Rostan has a history of providing expert, efficient service. Rostan’s approach does not require large teams of personnel, nor do we expect to replace the effective roles of the local, state, and federal partners in the recovery process. The approach is to provide a resource of expertise and experience to ensure that the recovery process is effective, and the pursuit of federal assistance results in the client being made whole. Rostan is not just a program expert, although our expertise in the federal disaster recovery programs is comprehensive. Rostan also brings expertise to address infrastructure and environmental concerns. Our Team encompasses industry leading experts to ensure that all aspects of the recovery and mitigation process are effective. Rostan has worked on many projects and understands the unique issues and concerns that the Client must address during disaster recovery to address FEMA compliance concerns. Our expertise also includes insurance coverage analysis for post disaster risk and our experience allows us to pursue all options for funding assistance.

Our service areas

Our team offers clients exceptional FEMA PA technical and legal expertise and proven performance through trusted key personnel. Our team’s unrivaled technical experience will help clients achieve the best outcomes for their recovery effort.

We help our clients recover with resiliency.

We are deeply invested in helping you rebuild and recover smarter, to emerge from any disaster with greater resiliency, strengthened infrastructure, and broader economic stability.

Our strength lies in our agility.

We’re not afraid to take on the complex projects. We are problem solvers and work through issues to overcome obstacles for our clients.

We leverage technology.

We leverage our knowledge of state and federal online systems and other innovative technology tools like our proprietary HaulPass® ADMS to streamline and expedite processes.

How We Work

Our tailored approach to disaster management aligns with state and federal protocols and is based on the disaster life cycle. After thoroughly assessing your unique needs, our consulting team is able to take the baton to begin delivering results quickly while allowing your team to focus on their regular duties.

With more than 45 professionals dedicated to their practice year-round, Rostan maintains firsthand knowledge of federal and state-level laws, policy and compliance, and disaster recovery guidance that govern the services that we provide to our clients. Rostan’s team has assisted state and local governments and private-non-profit organizations throughout all disaster recovery phases.

As a nimble, client-focused firm, Rostan understands the importance of resource management and cash flow. We never over-commit our resources which ensures our clients always have a dedicated point of contact, along with timely access to the valued expertise and support they would expect. Our strategy is to selectively pursue, develop, and maintain client relationships that we believe to be beneficial to both parties. We have always limited the number of pursuits we undertake by both geography and population served while considering our current standby obligations in those areas.

Get to Know Our Executive Leadership

The “Rostan” brand was born in 2006, when Sam ROsania and Darius STANkunas started Rostan as a small-scale debris monitoring company that focused on improving the processes of debris operations with a new and innovative technology solution. This “automated” process was ahead of its time back in 2006 when tracking debris operations was being conducted by pen and paper. Fast forward over a decade later and the key additions of our two other owners, Kyle Jones and Travis Mays, and Rostan has now morphed into a full-service disaster recovery and emergency management firm that is known on the national scene within our industry. Today, we maintain and operate a Consulting Services Business Line and a Debris Monitoring Services Business Line –and have over 40 full-time staff members.

Meet our Executive Team:

Darius Stankunas

Darius Stankunas


Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

Vice President - Consulting Services

Travis Mays

Travis Mays

Vice President - Debris Monitoring and Management

Sam Rosania

Sam Rosania

Executive Vice President

Get to Know Our Management Team:

Stefani Muscat

Stefani Muscat

Director of Business Operations

Carlos Arredondo

Carlos Arredondo

Director of Consulting Services

Jamie Welsh

Jamie Welsh

Director of Grant Management

Josh Bennett

Josh Bennett

Director of Project Management & Technical Services

Jeff Cousins

Jeff Cousins

Director of Debris Services

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