Consulting Services

Our primary role as consultants and advisors is to provide local communities and eligible FEMA Applicants with sound programmatic direction in the midst of chaos. Our team plays an integral role in helping you navigate the complex parameters of the federal and state requirements after a disaster event.

What We Do

Responding to the unique needs of our clients following disasters, we have developed a systematic process delivery method that enables our team of experts to enhance the performance of public and private organizations while reducing vulnerabilities to future natural and man-made hazards. Rostan manages funding claims for insurance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other federal and state level allocations following a disaster.

We focus on:


Grant and Program Management


Insurance Advisory Services


Project Management and Oversight


Damage Assessments and Cost Estimating


Federal Policy Advisory & Compliance

What We Offer

The lifeblood of any disaster recovery program endeavor lies in sufficient funding and cash flow. In order to ensure sufficient funding, where clients can not only restore functionality but actually build back stronger, available funding through federal program sources is required. In order to ensure your organization has adequate cash flow at its disposal, an experienced consultant is required. Rostan ensures that all opportunities for federal assistance are sought and every eligible dollar is reimbursed. Rostan is highly skilled in all major disaster recovery programs and insurance claims management. Rostan’s comprehensive team has developed a proven method for accounting for, streamlining processes, and correlating costs, to federal grants for a swift and audit resilient reimbursement.


Our Consulting practice offers:

Extensive FEMA Public Assistance (PA) and Infrastructure Project Experience

We are recovery leaders with decades of PA expertise and eligibility experience with infrastructure projects at both the subgrantee and grantee levels, including specialized knowledge and capabilities surrounding Consensus Based Codes, the Disaster Recovery Reform Act, and Appeals and Arbitrations. We are ready to mobilize as needed to provide quality consulting services upon notice to proceed.

Professional Collaboration with All Stakeholders

By working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, our objective is to avoid delays, maximize eligible funding, and avoid appeals. Our staff has extensive experience working directly with state agencies and FEMA. Our relationships and understanding of the federal programs process streamline the recovery efforts for our clients.

A Cadre of Subject Matter Experts

From Policy and Regulation Experts to Technical and Cost Estimating Experts, our Consulting Team provides a comprehensive solution to augment our client’s staff.

    Our Approach

    Our phased systematic approach is designed to yield you results:

    Phase 1

    – Operational Planning & Applicant Coordination

    – Project Controls & Procurement Procedures Analysis

    Phase 2

    – Damage Assessments & Eligibility Determinations

    – Site Inspections, DDD Formulation & EEI Development

    Phase 3

    – Scoping & Cost Validation

    Phase 4

    – Obligation & Award or Appeal Process

    Phase 5

    – Post-Award Monitoring, Amendments & Modifications

    Phase 6

    – Final Reconciliation & Project Closeout

    Interested in our Consulting Services?

    Connect with us to learn more about us and what we can do for you. We welcome any questions you may have and are ready to help.