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The Most Trusted in the Industry

The HaulPass® system is the most trusted automated debris management system in the industry. HaulPass® entirely eliminates the need for paper (manual) load tickets during a debris removal mission.

About HaulPass®

When it comes to utilizing an ADMS for monitoring disaster debris operations, the HaulPass® system puts the power of wireless data collection and management right at your fingertips.


HaulPass® was developed with a primary focus on security and to combat the inefficiencies that plague a paper-based ticketing operation. With a focus on securely automating many of the necessary data collection aspects surrounding debris removal missions, HaulPass® is able to reduce errors and omissions, prevent fraudulent activity through a role-based modular application, and increase operational reporting, and reimbursement efficiencies. HaulPass® pioneered the ADMS approach more than 10 years ago, and the competition has been trying to catch up ever since.


HaulPass® is an automated debris data management system (ADMS) that completely eliminates the need for paper (manual) load tickets during a debris removal mission. HaulPass® is the most tested, proven, and trusted ADMS in the industry. Through the use of mobile data capture technology and encrypted smart cards, HaulPass® establishes a secure data environment for collection and management of critical information with respect to the prime contractor, subcontractors, contract parameters, vehicle specifications, and debris removal and management efforts.


This automated data management tool virtually eliminates arduous and sometimes erroneous data entry errors and entirely eliminates lost load tickets. Data collected in the HaulPass® system becomes available almost immediately through an easily accessible secure web portal.


HaulPass® allows for streamlining disaster debris management and integration of debris tracking, invoice reconciliation, and FEMA reimbursement documentation. This paperless approach streamlines record keeping and accounting operations with information available through a secure internet platform. HaulPass® provides the capability to rapidly generate documentation in support of FEMA project worksheet development as well as development of detailed debris and contractor reports.


This data repository allows the stakeholder to utilize a central and consistent data set that increases efficiency of reporting, invoice reconciliation, and supports PW development.



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