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Travis Mays

Mr. Mays has spent nearly his entire professional career as a member of the Rostan team. Following graduation from the University of Houston in 2006, Travis spent a year and a half working in the insurance industry. With his desire for the insurance industry waning, and without much clarity regarding future endeavors, his hometown (at the time) of Houston was severely impacted by Hurricane Ike. Following Hurricane Ike, Travis was hired by Rostan as a debris monitor to support projects in the Houston area. Travis was promoted from field monitor, to field supervisor, to a full-time employee managing multi-million dollar debris monitoring projects within a few years. Today he manages a team of extremely dedicated professionals committed to helping communities nationwide as they recover from post-disaster devastation. Travis gives considerable credit to his two senior business partners, Sam Rosania and Darius Stankunas, for providing the opportunity and helping shape his professional makeup through their patience, guidance, and collaboration over the years. 

Fun Facts

What aspect of your professional career has been most rewarding?

What I value most are the personal relationships that have developed with colleagues over the past 14 years. When Rostan was formed in 2006 it was a subsidiary of a much larger firm. While Rostan largely was independent from its parent, the business was structured to work within the constraints of, and to the benefit of the larger firm. Then, in 2011, Rostan was purchased by an even larger firm. During this time Rostan was losing its identity and direction. Fortunately, in 2013 Rostan was divested allowing our company to create its own path, focus on the services we were passionate about, and conduct business in a manner that benefitted those invested in its success. Throughout this timeline a core group of people have remained fully invested and committed to one another and its these relationships, coupled with the addition of more recent but critical team members, that makes what we do most enjoyable.


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